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Kuwait asks Iraq for info on ‘fake’ bedoons

KUWAIT: Informed sources said Kuwait’s communications with Iraq resulted in adopting a preliminary agreement to have Iraq provide official information about persons in Kuwait who claim to be bedoons, but who Kuwait believes are Iraqis hiding their documents in order to be naturalized. The sources said the information expected from Iraq affects some bedoons included in the 1965 census along with others, which means this information will be solid proof that they or their ancestors forged their status and hid their data, and must adjust their legal status because they will not be considered bedoons registered at the central department for illegal residents.

The sources said a law dealing with bedoons is expected to be ready before the start of the parliamentary term and can be passed during an emergency session as said by National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem, although expectations point to passing the law in November and not earlier. Sources said the awaited information from the Iraqi side will be an important factor in dealing with the bedoons, because the issue is related to holders of the 1965 census.

“For Kuwait to receive official information from Iraq about those bedoons means at least 30,000 forgers will be exposed among the 38,000 persons who have 1965 census documents,” the source said, adding that the department dealing the bedoons confirms that those who deserve naturalization among those registered with them are no more than 5,000.

By A Saleh

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