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Kuwait assists Yemenis

KUWAIT: Kuwait has maintained steady flow of aid for war-impoverished Yemenis whose country is witnessing a deepening humanitarian crisis. Up to 23.4 million people in Yemen need assistance, the UN Secretary General Assistant for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, affirmed during a recent UN Security Council session on Yemen.

Access to basic food and necessities such as medical care has become quite limited in many regions in the country, said Chairperson of the International Committee of the Red Cross Peter Maurer. Sensing the Yemenis’ dire need for help, Kuwait pressed on with its humanitarian campaign to relieve the impoverished in the war-stricken nation.

Kuwaiti ‘Tarahom’ charity delivers an oxygen generator at the Al-Mohtseb Hospital in Al-Khalil.

Corner stone for constructing a hospital was laid to serve inhabitants of Maarib, Al-Jof and Al-Baidaa. The project was sponsored by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity, as part of the continuous “Kuwait on your side” humanitarian campaign. Expressing deep gratitude for the generous Kuwaitis, Maarib Governor Abedrabbo Muftah said the hospital would be quite helpful to cut deaths’ rates among mothers and children in Maarib and the neighboring provinces.

In Taiz province, Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage delivered devices for treating cardiac conditions-donated by Kuwaiti citizens. Dr Ilan Abdulhaq, Taiz Undersecretary, lauded the Kuwaiti initiative that would aid poor Yemenis suffering from cardiac illnesses, thanking the State of Kuwait, namely His Highness the Amir, the government and people for standing on the Yemenis’ side under dire conditions. In Palestine, the Kuwaiti “Tarahom” charity delivered an oxygen generator for Al-Mohtseb Hospital in Al-Khalil. – KUNA

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