Kuwait calls for action against promoting hatred

New York: Kuwait has affirmed necessity of taking international-level steps to counter media rhetoric of hatred and tackle factors that feed Islamophobia.

Abdulaziz Ammash, the counsellor of the Kuwait permanent mission at the UN, said that a serious move must be examined vis a vis misleading messages by some media outlets, based on pre-judgements that lack evidences toward Islam.

He was addressing a session of the UN General Assembly for discussing Islamophobia.

“With mounting patterns of hatred and incitement against Muslims, this session certainly constitutes an opportunity for boosting the international humanitarian dialogue, based on dissemination of the culture of co-existence, tolerance and peace at various levels,” he said.

Counsellor Ammash noted that the meeting coincided with the first anniversary of the UNGA’s adoption of the Resolution 254/76, themed “the international day for combating the phenomenon of Islamophobia.” He has affirmed that incidents of fomenting hatred against Muslims have been increasing, alluding in particular to burning copies of the Quran in Copenhagen, the Hague and Stockholm.

Such irregular acts must be condemned at the international level, Counsellor Ammash said, urging the UN to establish a body for monitoring these practices. Moreover, he called for encouraging activities aimed at boosting dialogue and mutual respect among peoples of diverse creeds and cultures.

Furthermore, he drew attention of the conferees to the basic value of Islam, moderation, also praising efforts by the UN officials for boosting religious tolerance.

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