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Kuwait Committee for Jerusalem marks Nakba tragedy

By Faten Omar


KUWAIT: On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, the Kuwait Committee for Jerusalem held an event titled “The Nakba, the continuing crime”, in cooperation with the Women’s Cultural and Social Society at Kuwait Graduates Society. During a video call, Adnan Ghaith, the Palestinian Authority’s Jerusalem Governor, said: “We stand today to remember the memory of the Nakba. The occupation is still striving to obliterate the Palestinian identity.

After 75 years, the Palestinian people are still being killed. This Nakba and this tragedy have not ended, but are continued by these Zionist extremists. The occupation is changing Palestine’s features, besieging it, displacing its people and assassinating its youth. There are more than six neighborhoods whose people are threatened with displacement.”

Ghaith praised Kuwait’s role in supporting Palestine, saying Palestinians are proud of Kuwait’s efforts and support for freedom in Palestine in international forums, affirming the responsibility is on all countries, which are the backbone of the Palestinian people, to support them with their voices and pens, standing up and telling the truth.

“The Zionists are preparing to celebrate Flag Day, while we remember the pain of the massacres. The series of crimes continue with settlements, forced displacement and ethnic cleansing, but our people will not kneel and will not surrender. Either they will live as great on their land or as great under it. We will not leave our land. Our people adhere to their just rights and will not give them up, and soon celebrate our freedom with the Arab and Islamic world in Jerusalem,” he added.

“The settlements are expanding, in addition to the siege of the city and prevention of people’s access to places of worship, whether Islamic or Christian. We can only remember the massacres that are committed against our Palestinian people on a daily basis. The hypocritical international community committed to stopping crimes in other countries did not lift a finger for Palestine, while the Zionists are continuing their aggression, displacement, killing and falsification of facts and history. We pledge to you that we will keep our oath, fight for the cause and protect our history and our land and its sanctity with our lives, children, ourselves, money, and all that we have,” Ghaith concluded.

Talal Al-Rashoud, Professor of History at Kuwait University, shed light on the link between Kuwaiti people and the Palestinian cause throughout history. “Many are unaware that Kuwaitis have been closely linked to the Palestinian national movement since the 1920s, when the Mufti of Jerusalem visited Kuwait to collect donations for the restoration of Al-Aqsa Mosque,” he said.

“When we remember the Nakba, we must remember all the sacrifices of the Arab nation in solidarity with Palestine, especially in Kuwait and the Gulf region, since the beginning of the Palestinian cause. It is not surprising to find, from the late twenties, poems about Palestine written by Kuwaiti writers. Kuwait was also the center of the pro-Palestinian movement in the thirties, when Kuwaitis sent letters, collected donations, held marches and smuggled weapons for the Great Palestinian Revolt,” Rashoud said, noting Kuwait also included Palestine in its curricula.

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