Kuwait Democratic Forum boycotts 2020 National Assembly elections

By Nawara Fattahova

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Democratic Forum announced it is boycotting the 2020 National Assembly elections in protest against the elections law. The liberal group issued a statement yesterday saying they are boycotting the 2020 elections that will be held on Dec 5, 2020 due to the current elections law that allows each voter to cast one vote only.

According to the Forum’s statement, no achievements can be realized with this law. It said Kuwait needs to change this law as it is a “negative law that brought bad members to the parliament who only served their personal interests and relations with ministers instead of serving the community.”

The statement added that MPs had weak oversight over the performance of the government and public officials amid hidden corruption. “This caused the decline of the situation from bad to worse, which showed that any reforms are far from being applied, although it’s the people’s demand,” the statement reads.

The Forum said, “today it’s clear that the country needs real reforms and to face corruption, which is the people’s responsibility.” The group expressed belief that the members who voted against changing the elections law during the last parliamentary session won’t work for reforms.

The members of the Kuwait Democratic Forum discussed this issue during two extraordinary general assembly meetings held in the past two years. The members then decided they will boycott the 2020 elections. But the Forum will continue to follow up national issues and democratic demands, along with ensuring the constitution is applied. The Forum will continue political and democratic activity outside the parliament, supporting any peaceful movements working towards real democracy.

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