Kuwait detectives end scam activities

KUWAIT: Detectives put an end to a Jamaican man’s activities who cheated Asians by telling them he can turn KD 200 in KD 2,500, as they shut down his instagram account. The ‘@Jesscampbell_477’ account was being monitored by detectives when they learned it was used for swindling by targeting people in Kuwait and making them believe they can make quick profits. Detectives found out about the account’s activities and were able to determine the identity of its owner, named Shamar Christie from Jamaica, but there was no data about him in the database of the Interior Ministry. So, instagram officials were contacted and the account was closed down. Interpol is being contacted to arrest the suspect. Separately, a citizen fell victim to three ex-convicts who sold her a “non-existing” real estate in the United States for KD 27,329, and was to receive rent money for it. The woman complained against a citizen and two Egyptians who offered her a house in the US during an exhibition and she was convinced with the idea and gave them the money. A security source said the woman waited for a call to be informed about the date for transferring the house, but to no avail, and discovered that she was swindled. When the identity of the suspects was checked, they were found to be in central prison where they are jailed for another case.

Smuggling foiled
Airport customs officers foiled the attempt of an Ethiopian woman who tried to smuggle four bags of qat hidden in bread from her country and was sent to Drugs Control General Department. – Translated from the Arabic press

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