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Kuwait devotes ‘special concern’ on cyber security

NEW YORK: Kuwait devotes paramount concern to cyber security for it constitutes a shield in the face of threats against national security. Kuwait launched the security cyber strategy 2017-2020 for bolstering the cyber security culture and safe usage of the electronic networks in the country, said Ahmad Salmin, Kuwait Diplomatic Attache in front of the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

The strategy aims to protect vital informatics’ infrastructure and enhance information swap among local and international parties in the realm of cyber security, Salmin said. Kuwait has also set up the national center for cyber security in line with the political leadership’s awareness of the great volume of challenges posed by the cyber realm and its commitment to digital transformation for executing the New Kuwait 2035 development strategy.

He expressed concern that arms manufacturing technology might become accessible by terrorist and organized crime groups. The Kuwaiti diplomat called on states to work out an international accord for regulating the cyber realms, in addition to setting up a mechanism for swapping information in line with international laws. He condemned employment of drones for attacking civilians and states’ infrastructures. – KUNA

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