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Kuwait distributes emergency supplies to Beirut families

BEIRUT: Kuwait Red Crescent (KRCS) is continuing to extend its assistance and support to families whose homes were damaged as a result of the August 4 Beirut Port explosion, distributing emergency supplies to 1,000 families on Friday. The operation, which for now includes the distribution of blankets and food to 1,000 families in an attempt to alleviate their suffering, is being conducted in coordination with the Lebanese Red Cross and the Kuwait embassy, head of the

Kuwait Red Crescent mission to Lebanon, Musaed Al-Enezi said in a statement. KRCS field teams are also communicating directly with the families and are assessing their needs, in order to provide them with other forms of assistance, Enezi added.

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces Directorate, last month, estimated the number of damaged homes to be around 4,000 and vehicles at around 4,200.Kuwait was one of the first countries to have sent relief in support of Lebanon immediately after the explosion, with some 18 Kuwait Air Force cargo planes transporting an estimated 820 tons of medical supplies and food. – KUNA


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