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Kuwait ensures orderly Eid celebration

Brig Tawheed Al-Kandari

KUWAIT: Kuwait Municipality is on full alert to ensure orderly celebration of the forthcoming Eid Al-Adha. Faisal Al-Osaimi, the acting public relations supervisor, said in a statement yesterday that the extraordinary state of alert coincided with the campaign ‘communicate with us’, designed to remove illegal construction on state plots of land and billboards hung at public locations. Municipal teams WILL monitor and take measures against illegal actions on part of vendors and others who may make business on plots without permits, or abandon cars at public locations. Workers will bring down all eid greeting placards and bar trade in sacrificial meat on streets. They will also clean the mosques and roads. The personnel will inspect law abidance at restaurants, cafes and toy stores.

Meanwhile, Acting Director General of the Interior Ministry’s Relations and Security Information Department Brig Tawheed Al-Kandari said preparations have been made at all Interior Ministry sectors for Eid Al-Adha. He added that the integrated security procedures aim at providing security and traffic control on all major roads and intersections to avoid congestion expected during Eid. He noted that the central operations department operates as a link between all security departments and the emergency number 112 receives calls round the clock.

Kandari also said that the border affairs sector has a role in security procedures to ease travel at Kuwait airport or land and sea outlets, in addition to the role of the traffic department and Najda police. Furthermore, he indicated that the coastguards protect Kuwait’s territorial waters against any smuggling or infiltration, in addition to search and rescue operations by round-the-clock patrols. Kandari urged citizens and expatriates to comply with the traffic law and heed policemen’s instructions. He said service centers will be closed from today until Aug 25 on the occasion of Eid. – KUNA

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