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Kuwait EPA, Eco sign deal to support environmental, renewable energy projects

Kuwait: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) and ECO Incubator for Environment and Renewable Energy Projects signed on Sunday a memorandum of cooperation to support environmental and renewable energy projects that promotes the Kuwaiti environment.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Authority Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah said in a press statement after the signing that the memorandum will contribute to increasing support for small and medium-sized enterprises and a large environmental measures will be taken to support the benefit of the environment.

He added that Kuwait’s environment is integrated with these projects and needs more cooperation, indicating that the agreement with the business incubator for industrial and environmental projects will last for five years.

He pointed out that the projects are based on the country’s needs, which are related to developing the coastal environment, recycling waste, increasing the green sector in the country, increasing coral colonies, preserving coasts, and raising community awareness.

He stressed that with the business incubator support of the initiators will increase, pointing out that the authority will support projects that promote environmental affairs in the country.

Regarding the tire recycling factories, he stated that they are working properly in recycling what was transferred from the south Saad Al-Abdullah area, indicating that the main goal is to carry out the appropriate method of recycling since its disposal is one of the negative effects on the environment.

For his part, CEO of ECO Incubator for Environmental and Renewable Energy Projects, Jassem Al-Abouh, said that the memorandum of understanding with EPA is to improve Kuwait’s environment and youth projects related to the environment.

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