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Kuwait expects heavy rains, gusty winds this week

KUWAIT: Climate expert Bader Al-Amira stated that the country will witness moderate to heavy thunderstorms in some areas accompanied by gusty winds starting from Monday and lasting until Wednesday.

“The country witnessed sporadic light rains in some areas on Sunday morning and wet spell will reach its peak on Tuesday and Wednesday resulting from the formation of clouds and precipitation caused by Sudanese seasonal depression,” Al-Amira explained. “After the rainy wave, a significant drop in temperature will be witnessed across the country,” he added.

Climate expert Abdulaziz Al-Qurawy told Kuna that moderate rainfall will continue until Thursday and will be intertwined with accumulated fog. “Maximum temperature will be ranging from 22-24 degree Celsius while low temperatures are expected to range from 16-18 degree Celsius as strong winds might reach a speed of 50 km/h accompanied by gusty storms  in some areas leading to an increase in wave heights in the sea to more than six feet,” Al-Qurawy clarified.

This period comes as a significant change in weather as the heatwave has begun to decline after an unexpected extension of higher temperatures in the past week in comparison with previous years where the country experienced lower temperatures.

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