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Kuwait Extreme Powerboat Run to be held in March

Group photo of organizing committee
Group photo of organizing committee

KUWAIT: Organizing Committee of Kuwait Extreme Powerboat Run announced that registration to participate in the run to be held for the second time, as the first country in the Middle East to host this unique event.

Chairman of the organizing committee Yasser Mustafa Khan said work for “Extreme” is going on since hosting the run during last season in order to develop it, as it received great acceptance in Kuwait.

Khan who was speaking in a press conference held on Tuesday that ambition is great to have a large increase in the number of boats participating in the event, as it is expected the number of participants from Gulf countries to increase following the notable success of the championship in the previous season.

Khan said the run will begin on March 10th, and will continue for three days, and there will be workshops for lovers of this sport. Khan said the run will be from the Marina to Kuwait complex and back.

Khan said, the goal behind the run is to attract the youth and draw their attention towards a beneficial sport linked to the forefathers heritage, in addition to touristic promotion of Kuwait and present it with its distinguished civilized image.

He said Kuwait is proud to be the first Gulf country that organizes such event known in the USA and other European countries, to show fans and entertain them with an exciting show of fast boats.

Khan appreciated the sponsors, particularly the Public Authority for Sports (PAS) and Zain Communications. He also thanked the Interior Ministry and the Coast Guard, who had an effective participation last year, as well as sea rescue and helicopters. Khan also thanked the media for their coverage and efforts.

Meanwhile, Abdallah Al-Salem, who had the idea of “Powerboat run” initiative said Gulf champions and record number holders wish to be in Kuwait this time especially that the championship left a positive impression after the good organization of last year’s event.

Al-Salem promised to have big surprises in the second run, in order to give the run a special status. PAS representative Mishal Al-Subaie expressed pleasure for having this major event, adding that PAS spares no effort in supporting sports events, especially those that aim at the service of the society.

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