Kuwait Football League roundup

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Qadisiya Sports Club football team enjoyed being on top briefly after winning their 12th round match of Kuwait Football League (ranking phase) against Sulaibkhat 2-1 on Saturday. Qadisiya dominated the match and the victory increased their point total to 25 while Sulaibkhat remained with 5 points – rendering them out of contention to remain in the premier league. Qadisiya’s goals were scored by Abdoul Sissoko in the 25th minute while the second goal was scored in the 27th minute by Eid Al-Rashidi.

The second match saw Nasr team regained the top spot after beating Tadhamon 3-1 and grabbing 26 points. Both teams exchanged attacks and Nasr’s Ahmad Al-Riyahi was able to score with a well targeted header in the 35th minute. Tadhamon attempted to score a badly needed equalizer in the first half and lost its Nigerian defender Ibaboy Bakr to injury.

The second half began with a bang as Tadhamon’s Abdelwahab Al-Saleeli scored at the start of the second half. This goal motivated Tadhamon. This situation continued until the 90th minute of the match when Talal Al-Ajmi was able to score Nasr’s second goal from a pass by Ahmad Al-Riyahi. The referee awarded Nasr a penalty right in the 95th minute of the match which substitute Mishal Fawaz scored after which the referee blew the whistle and ended the match.

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