Kuwait Football League roundup

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Kuwait Football League (the ranking phase) kicked off Thursday with three matches, between Qadisiya vs Shabab, Yarmouk vs Khaitan and Kazma vs Sulaibkhat. Qadisiya succeeded to continue in their winning ways and defeated Shabab 2-0 as Lucas Gaucho scored in the 43rd minute while Fahad Al-Ansari scored in the 85th. Qadisiya raised their point total to 28 while Shabab remained at 18. The match saw exchanges between the two teams with real threats to either side during most of the first half until the 43rd minute when Lucas scored.

In another match, Kazma defeated Sulaibkhat 2-0. Kazma’s Abdallah Al-Fahad scored early in the 7th minute – followed by another a goal by Yaqoub Al-Tararwah which was taken from the penalty spot. Kazma now has 25 points while Sulaibkhat remained at 5. The match started in an exciting fashion, though Kazma had real control while Sulaibkhat focused on defense. Kazma’s first goal came from a kick from a distance by Abdallah Al-Fahad.

Meanwhile, leaders Nasr Club had another win on Friday against Jahra 1-0. Nasr’s goal was scored by Jordanian player Ahmad Al-Riyahi in the 10th minute and this took their point total to 29. Al-Jahra are now struggling with 11 points. Nasr established their dominance from the first half. The match ended with the score 1-0.

Salmiya defeated Burgan 2-1 as Nayef Zuwayed scored in the 34th minute while Alex Lima scored in the 75th. Burgan’s goal was scored by Rami Bushnaiba in the 58th minute. Salmiya now has 25 points while Burgan has 11 only. In another development, Khaitan increased their chances to remain in the premier league by defeating Yarmouk 4-2, thereby raising their point total to 14, while Yarmouk and Sulaibkhat are in the lower league.

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