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Kuwait-funded limbs change lives of Iraqi amputees

IRBIL: Amputees take part in a ceremony to mark the completion of the fitting of prosthetic limbs. – KUNA

IRBIL: More than 100 Iraqi amputees are relying on the use of prosthetics funded by Kuwait as a lifeline in the wake of their harrowing experiences, the country’s consul general in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region said on Wednesday. This humanitarian endeavor aims to provide healthcare aid for hundreds of hapless amputees, allowing them to enjoy a semblance of normality in their lives, Dr Omar Al-Kandari told KUNA.

Thanking Kuwait for the aid, Kwestan Mohammed, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Minster of Social Affairs, said such altruistic deeds have become synonymous with Kuwait, with the beneficiaries of prosthetic aid in the region numbering more than 100. Kuwait has funded a myriad of aid programs directed by the World Health Organization in Iraq, which run the gamut from awareness campaigns to other healthcare projects. – KUNA


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