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Kuwait: G77 and China can play a crucial role

NEW YORK: Kuwait has re-affirmed that the G77 and China can play a key role in implementing the 2030 sustainable development objectives and finding solutions to global issues. Such challenges have been undermining “our national and collective potentials for attaining the sustainable development by 2030,” said Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations, Minister plenipotentiary Abdulaziz Al-Jarallah during a ministerial meeting of the group.

He named some of the serious challenges, such as catastrophes resulting from the climatic change and recurring outbreaks of pandemics, noting their adverse impact on nations’ economic and social status. “These matters warrant great international cooperation and joint action,” he said, calling for formation of “development and funding partnerships” to attain such an objective. Kuwait is pursuing the approach for global cooperation for facing such crossborder challenges, he said, alluding particular to its support for sustainable development in more than 100 states.

Kuwait will continue cooperating with other states to stem spread of poverty, cement the global nutrition system, alleviate debts, cope with impact of the climatic change, he said. He lauded efforts by the UN secretary general at the level of boosting joint global action to face the challenges and secure an honorable life for developing nations. Al-Jarallah added that he was looking forward o the sustainable development summit, due in September, as an opportunity to exchange views on the issue and assess the accomplishments in this regard.

UNSC reform

In another development, Kuwait has expressed support to all efforts aiming to achieve genuine and comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council to make it more effective, representative, transparent, impartial and credible. “Reforming multilateralism is an urgent need and a historical responsibility towards our people,” Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations, Minister plenipotentiary told a UN Security Council’s open debate on a new orientation for reformed multilateralism.

Al-Jarallah stated that reforming the Security Council was one of the main pillars of the desired comprehensive reform of the United Nations. He hoped these discussions would contribute to advancing efforts aimed at strengthening the multilateral approach in order to overcome the complicated challenges facing the international community. The Kuwaiti official argued that the Council, with its current composition, cannot address today’s interrelated and emerging challenges.

He looked forward to the 2024 Future Summit as an opportunity towards a consensus on taking back multilateral action to its desired track, through which the world can overcome the crises it faces. AL-Jarallah affirmed that reforming the United Nations must be a top priority for the international community, which must put forward innovative ideas to generate the necessary momentum for reform.

He underscored the need for an effective global system based on cooperation, rule of law and aimed at achieving justice. All states must engage effectively with intergovernmental negotiations, and they must be open to consult with all negotiation groups transparently and constructively, he said, stressing that the concerns of all regional groups must be considered. – KUNA

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