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Kuwait initiates beach clean up to mark World Cleanup Day

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: To mark World Cleanup Day, Kuwait launched a beach cleanup campaign in seven locations around the country, organized by Trash Hero Kuwait. A number of citizens and residents, along with many companies, participated in cleaning the beaches. The organizers and participants emphasized the importance of preserving the environment, hoping these kinds of campaigns could be held more than once a year.

“The cleanup day in Kuwait is held in collaboration with a lot of teams. This global event is marked in 191 countries, which is almost the majority of the world’s countries, where people decide to go out and clean their environment and make the world a cleaner place. This is our goal and our mission – to make the world a cleaner and a nicer place for future generations,” Abdulrahman Ali, a team member of Trash Hero Kuwait, told Kuwait Times.

“As for the people who joined us in the campaign, we would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who wants to make a positive impact on their environment and in the wellbeing of themselves, in addition to the sponsors and companies that participated with us, such as Deliveroo, Asnaf, DHL, The Scientific Center, and many other great companies,” he added.

Fatima Al-Shatti, one of the participants, said she is thrilled to be one of the initiators of this campaign to support the environment. Due to a lack of events in Kuwait, she said this is a nice opportunity for her to spend time for a good cause.

Mohammad Kraez of German logistics company DHL said: “The company participates in several environmental campaigns annually. We think it is our responsibility to be a part of World Cleanup Day, in which the world is participating to clean the environment. One of the main DHL strategies is to become an environmental company at all levels by 2050, while we urge people to become more friendly to the environment in order to live in a more civilized environment.”

Rawan Hashim of Asnaf Trading Company pointed out: “Our message on World Cleanup Day is to deliver the idea to our children that they have to preserve the cleanliness of the environment, like they keep their houses and schools clean. We hope everyone becomes a part of this campaign and make it an essential behavior in their lives.”

Anoud Al-Theferi of Kuwait in our Hearts campaign said: “Out of our responsibilities towards the environment, this is the third year we are participating in World Cleanup Day. We invite everyone to lend a hand to preserve our beloved country Kuwait, especially those who throw trash out of their cars, which indicates uncivilized behavior. We hope these kinds of campaigns become weekly events. The Municipality and ministries have to organize such events regularly.”

Sarah Al-Yaqout from The Scientific Centre said: “We have participated in collaboration with Deliveroo for World Cleanup Day, which is marked in 191 countries around the world. We feel it’s very important to be engaged and active in spreading awareness regarding the environment and taking care of it for a more sustainable Kuwait. Such events help people learn more about the preservation of the environment.” She emphasized the importance of holding these types of events regularly, adding that the Scientific Centre holds an environment month every March, which helps to create more events related to cleanliness and the environment.

Diana of Deliveroo said: “We participated in this campaign due to our desire to be a part of this initiative. At the same time, we at Deliveroo have a sustainable strategy that we want to achieve, and this is the start of our sustainability initiative in Kuwait. So, we collaborated with the Scientific Centre and Elate to hold a lot of campaigns on the environment.”


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