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Kuwait keen on human rights: Researcher

NEW YORK: Bolstering human rights is a top priority for the State of Kuwait, said a researcher in a speech to a UN social, humanitarian, and cultural committee meeting late Tuesday. Sarah Saleh Al-Zouman, member of the Kuwaiti diplomatic delegation partaking in the 71st UN General Assembly, told the meeting that her country was very keen on implementing legislations and policies aimed at improving the situation of human rights in Kuwait. Kuwait is keen on signing on all international agreements pertaining to the protection and development of human rights, said the researcher.

As part of Kuwait’s interest in the progression of human rights, Zouman, reflected on her country’s gratitude towards the expatriate population, saying that they were an integral part of society due to their immense contribution to the development of Kuwait. She added that Kuwait has worked and continues to cooperate with the UN on human rights development, mentioning that the constitution of the country and its laws prioritized the protection of human rights.

Zouman reaffirmed that Kuwait will work with other international partners to reinforce notions of human rights worldwide, saying that problems like terrorism, the spread of armed conflicts, human trafficking, and others dilemmas had violations of human rights as one of the most significant components.

On the subject of human rights violations, the Kuwaiti researcher condemned the never-ending Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine, saying that such vile actions against the innocent Palestinians should be put to an end. – KUNA

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