Kuwait looking for con artist wanted for KD 140,000 thefts

KUWAIT: According to media reports based on information from security sources, Kuwait is working hard to repatriate a Kuwaiti former forensics employee, described as one of the most dangerous forgers and swindlers, who reportedly fled the country after committing her crimes. The sources, according to Al-Qabas daily, said the suspect stole 15 civil IDs of her friends, then used them to cheat notary public officers at the justice ministry to get 82 debt acknowledgements in the names of her victims. She stole a total of KD 140,000 in cash and kind.

The suspect also obtained valuable items after forging documents in the names of some of her relatives and friends, and signed in their names to get money. The sources said some Kuwaiti victims found themselves in huge debts after being contacted by companies asking them to pay. One is thousands of dinars in debt, although she did not commit any crime. The sources said the suspect, besides being an employee at the forensics department, is also a make-up artist and was able to change her features with certain materials to look like the civil ID holders.

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