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Kuwait looking to bring home fighters from Syria: Report

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti security authorities are currently working on bringing a number of Kuwaitis fighting in Syria home to be tried in courts of law, although many of them have been avoiding the return, well-informed sources said. The sources added that the majority of those fighters are affiliated to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerly known as the Al-Nusra Front headed by Abu Mohammed Al-Jolani in Idlib, while a lesser number are in the Aleppo countryside. The Kuwaiti fighters include a former imam with the ministry of awqaf who joined Al-Nusra and became one of its top five leaders, before he broke up with it and exchanged accusations with Jolani, the sources said. The fighters also include one of Jolani’s assistants who had previously fought in Afghanistan, said the sources, adding that he disagreed with a member of the Egyptian wing of the army, Abul Fath Al-Farghali, over the withdrawal from Idlib according to the Sochi agreement between Turkey and Russia. The sources added that this person is still in contact with extremists in Kuwait, including those who had been indicted in the Peninsula Lions case. Finally, the sources said that the total number of Kuwaiti fighters still in Syria is 12, including IS members and others.

Halloween parties banned
Vice police raided three cafes where Halloween parties were being held, during which immoral acts were taking place, and the owners are being referred to concerned authorities to face legal action. Criminal detectives learned about plans to organize Halloween parties in three cafes in Abu Al-Hasaniya, Sharq and Salmiya, and that organizers had sent invitations to customers of both genders. Vice detectives obtained warrants and raided the places, and found men and women committing indecent acts.


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