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Kuwait, Oman sign Special Olympics MoU

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Kuwait Special Olympics signed a memorandum of understanding with its Omani counterpart to cooperate in supporting and developing services, activities and programs for those with mental and growth disabilities in both countries. The MoU was signed by Kuwait National Special Olympic Director Rihab Buresli and Oman’s Special Olympics Director Mohammad Al-Rashidi.

Buresli was pleased with the MoU to support cooperation with the Oman experience and work together to enable special Olympics players through sports and health initiatives and care programs. This in addition to coordination and preparations for upcoming regional and international events, particularly the world games in Berlin to be held in June.

Buresli said the memorandum dealt with the cooperation mechanism in training and competitions sanctioned by the Special Olympics. It also includes bilateral cooperation to form teams for unified games and work towards developing parallel programs to sports that will help mental and growth of disabled persons.

Rashidi lauded the care disabled persons in Kuwait are enjoying as well as the good efforts of Kuwait Special Olympics in this field. He said the MoU is an important step towards the activation of sustainable development goals, especially since Kuwait and Oman have extensive experience in caring for the disabled.

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