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Kuwait opens recruitment for Palestinian, Jordanian teachers

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s Ministry of Education announced job opportunities in public schools for teachers of various subjects from Palestine and Jordan. Prior experience is required for application, it said in the announcement. Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Education Minister Dr Ali Al-Mudhaf said on Sunday he was eager for a closer rapport with his counterparts across the wider Gulf Arab region, in a bid to set in motion a raft of education reforms.

“I am here to get acquainted with some success stories seen in the Gulf Arab region’s education sector,” the Kuwaiti minister said on the sidelines of a global education conference in the Saudi capital, saying the gathering is crucial towards plans to further develop the education sector as a whole.

Echoing the minister’s sentiments, Dr Jasem Al-Ostath, the Kuwait-based Public Authority for Applied Education and Training’s deputy chief for academic services, highlighted the event as a chance to achieve common goals. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which left education systems across the world in tatters, he said it was imperative to keep education reforms rolling again for the sake of students whose academic careers had been upended by the outbreak. More than 200 global education bodies have come together for the talks in Riyadh, which sheds light on some of the most perennial challenges encumbering educational development.

Earlier, the minister stressed Kuwait’s keenness on attending such conferences to benefit from these experiences. He pointed out that the conference contains many important axes of discussion through the many sessions and workshops, as well as the accompanying exhibition. – KUNA

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