Only in Kuwait – Part 11

Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning my dear and honorable brothers and sisters. Today, I continue with a new edition of my ‘Only in Kuwait’ series, in which I pinpoint faults and wrongdoings that people see taking place in Kuwait, with hopes that it reaches concerned authorities so that they can find a solution for those problems.

Only in Kuwait you would be diagnosed at the doctor’s office, when suddenly a patient storms in without knocking on the door and complains that the physician is ‘taking so much time’ while examining each patient.

Only in Kuwait that doctors do not have time to thoroughly examine a patient, since those waiting in line would have no patience to wait.

Only in Kuwait that some doctors are beaten by patients for applying order at the clinic or hospital.

Only in Kuwait that some doctors have pre-written prescription of pain killers and gargle for almost all sore throat cases.

Only in Kuwait that a hospital can make you feel as if you are in a shopping mall.

Only in Kuwait that some doctors examine many cases without even checking the nature of the disease that they might have. And the prescription is always pre-arranged.

Only in Kuwait you see hospitals guarded by policemen.

Only in Kuwait that a bridge which cost KD 23 million to build cannot tolerate an hour of downpour, similar to what happened recently in Mangaf and Sabahiya.

Only in Kuwait people become alarmed whenever it rains, because they fear of the damages that will hit their cars from the ‘flying gravel.’

Only in Kuwait that a person can fix his or her vehicle’s windshield and struts twice a month because of the flying gravel and the deep manholes in the roads.

Only in Kuwait that driving on the pavement can become a source of joy for many.

Only in Kuwait a ‘Slow Down’ sign can be read as ‘Drive Recklessly.’

Only in Kuwait that many police cars cannot chase those insane drivers who burn their cars’ tires when a few drops of rain fall, and end up just watching from afar.

Only in Kuwait that the paperwork needed for a for visa transfer transaction from article 20 to 18 can be a nightmare.

Only in Kuwait that having breakfast at work while tens of people are waiting can be a joyful experience.

Only in Kuwait that irresponsible drivers during weddings can gang up against any vehicle whose driver honks at them or tries to zigzag through them.

Only in Kuwait you see many public transportation buses generate dangerous black smoke while police do nothing about it.

Only in Kuwait you see a co-operative society sells a commodity for 500 fils whereas another sells the same item for 750 fils.

Only in Kuwait you find many people bringing in expatriates to work for them, and then complain about their rising numbers in the country.

Only in Kuwait a tax car has no right to pick up or drop off customers because police believes that the taxi has no right to do so, and should keep driving without stoppage.

Till the next article insha Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam

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