Only in Kuwait – Part 9

Talal Al-Ghannam
Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning dear and honorable brothers and sisters, and I greet you in advance on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan.

In this article, I return to the ‘Only in Kuwait’ series to pinpoint on wrongdoings that must be addressed and resolved.

Only in Kuwait sick leaves taken by employees during short holidays make up more than the actual working days.

Only in Kuwait many doctors at clinics and hospitals help the malingerers violate state laws in terms of giving sick leaves, instead of thoroughly examining them, and show fear of Allah in this subject.

Only in Kuwait you see people fight at co-op societies over a famous burgundy-colored and sugar-full drink that is often left on shelves unnoticed all year long, except in Ramadan arrives when it becomes as precious as gold.

Only in Kuwait the apartments haris (Janitor) is considered a ‘king’ as he makes a fortune from unjustifiable commissions taken from some helpless tenants behind the oblivious building owner’s back.

Only in Kuwait the expatriate at a government institution such as the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is yelled, at whereas the Kuwaiti is given a nice treatment.

Only in Kuwait helpless workers at Kuwait International Airport are shouted at by female passport officers, telling them to line up and prepare the residency paper before arriving at the counter. This is a matter that makes foreign visitors frightened and hesitant to visit Kuwait because of such mistreatment by a government officer towards low-wage workers.

Only in Kuwait more than 60 percent of the Friday market’s workers do not have a valid visa.

Only in Kuwait police carry out crackdowns in several areas around Kuwait, in which they apprehend up to 3,000 expatriates. Probably half of those people were lied to or taken advantage of by their sponsors, yet they have nowhere else to go to but to continue working for the sake of their kids and families. Such sponsors must be prosecuted.

Only in Kuwait you see a policeman force an expat driver to pull over but stays in his police car and calls on the driver to come to him instead of doing the opposite, which is the right way of dealing with traffic violators.

Only in Kuwait you see deep holes and mountain-like speed bumps on roads. They often remain neglected by the Ministry of Public Works, and then when it acts to solve the problem, it waits before a tender is placed and a company is hired to carry out the necessary works in a process that takes a lot of time. By then, so many people’s cars are damaged as a result.

Only in Kuwait you are given the right to drive on the left shoulder of the road with maximum speed of 45 klm/h. Yet, many drivers behind you would not let you go at that speed, forcing you to accelerate and end up getting a citation as a result.

Only in Kuwait giving a signal to pass over can be humiliating to many reckless drivers, who can force you stop and then physically assault you.

Only in Kuwait sending a text or WhatsApp message can be so important to the point it has to be done while driving.

Till the next article insha Allah

By Talal Al-Ghannam
[email protected]

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