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Kuwait partakes anti-corruption convention in Vienna

VIENNA: Kuwait participated on Monday in the 13th session of the United Nations Convention against Corruption held in Vienna, from June 13-17. In a statement to the press, Head of the delegation from Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (NAZAHA) Abdulhameed Al-Hamar said that the convention’s agenda discusses several points; most important point is the follow-up to the Marrakech declaration on the prevention of corruption, resolution 6/6.

“All decision and initiatives would be revised, such as information technology and communication, and the showcase of the challenges in the fields of awareness, education, training and research, all related to combating corruption,” he said. “This convention displays the mechanism of execution of the UN agreement to fight corruption, in addition to the technical assistance, information exchange and boosting cooperation to stand against corruption,” he pointed out. – KUNA

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