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Kuwait, Philippines disagree on maids’ contracts

KUWAIT: The dispute between the Philippines Embassy and the Public Authority of Manpower could be heading towards more complications, as the embassy insists on using the domestic help contract authenticated by authorities in Manila, while the manpower authority does not honor any contract it does not issue and refuses to deal with any external contracts or papers that are attached to its approved contract.

An official source at the manpower authority said the recognized contract is the Kuwaiti one which does not differentiate between nationalities in rights and duties, and the law applies to all without exception. He said the authority will not allow dealing with any contracts or papers attached to its approved contract that commits sponsors to conditions contrary to the signed agreement, including giving Philippines the authority to prosecute sponsors in international courts.

The source said the signed agreement with the Philippine side calls for bringing in domestic help and returning them to their country according to the rules of the agreement. Meanwhile, diplomatic sources said the text of the Philippines contract for domestic help has been in use all over the world for years, adding that talks with regards to the model contract continue between officials of both countries. A meeting of the bilateral committee will be held during the last week of this month to discuss final details of the contract. – Al-Rai

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