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Kuwait pilgrims back home amidst smooth measures

Kuwait: Kuwaiti advance pilgrimage flights have commenced returning home from Makkah amid smooth and even measures at Kuwait International Airport.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has already developed an unequivocally integrated and strategic blueprint to welcome pilgrims returning home following the end of the Hajj season, DGCA’s Operation Manager Mansour Al-Hashemi told KUNA.

“The process of welcoming pilgrims back home took place in a completely easy and smooth mode,” he said, speaking highly of cooperation between bodies concerned at the airport.

Two flights of Saudia airlines with 355 pilgrims on board landed at Kuwait International Airport on Monday, he said, expecting nine more flights of Saudia, Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways to return home today (Tuesday).

The DGCA is working in full capacity in order to ensure a smooth return of pilgrims from holy sites in Makkah through coordination with other bodies at the airport and hajj agents.

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