Kuwait police captain arrested with drugs in Egypt

KUWAIT: A Kuwait police captain was recently arrested at Hurghada airport, Egypt in possession of three bars of hashish and a large quantity of illicit pills. The man was detained just prior to his planned departure to Turkey, said security sources. The officer, who had been to Egypt on vacation, seemed anxious while checking in for the flight and on checking his luggage, airport detectives found the drugs.

Drug overdose
A citizen, who had just been released from prison after serving time for 19 drug-related cases, was recently found dead at his house, said security sources noting that initial investigations suggest that the man had died of a drug overdose. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Lost or stolen bird?
A citizen recently insisted on filing a case when his parrot flew away, said security sources. The man initially asked police to help him search for the lost bird but when they told him it was not part of their duties, he insisted to file a case reporting the bird as stolen. The man explained that he had clipped the wings of the bird, but the feathers grew longer and it fled from its cage.

Vehicle vandalized
A citizen recently filed a complaint accusing a young man of damaging his vehicle while driving recklessly in Jahra, said security sources noting that the suspect lost control and hit the citizen’s parked vehicle before he drove away. A case was filed and a search is on for the hit and run driver.

Sister thief
A female citizen recently filed a complaint against her sister at Sulaibiya police station, said security sources. In her complaint, the citizen reported that her sister came over to her house, assaulted her and then left after stealing her purse which contained cash, IDs and credit cards in it. A case was filed and the sister has been summoned for further investigation.

Husband assaults wife
An Egyptian married to an expat recently filed a complaint against her husband accusing him of assault, said security sources. According to case papers, the husband got very angry when his wife confronted him with photos on his own mobile phone proving that he had been cheating on her. The woman said that he brutally assaulted her. She submitted a medical report detailing her injuries. A case was filed and the husband has been summoned for further investigation.

Juvenile thief
A citizen reported that unidentified robbers broke into his car which was parked in front of his home and stole a mobile phone that was inside. Two days later, the man returned to the police station and reported that the son of a neighbor had returned the phone to him, claiming he found it on the ground near his car. After being summoned to the police station, the young man confessed that he had stolen the mobile phone with the help of another neighbor.

Child drowns in pool
A bedoon (stateless) child drowned in a swimming pool in a home in the Kabd area, said security sources noting that the girl was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival.

Mobile store looted
A 22-year-old citizen was recently arrested over charges of robbing a mobile phone store owned by a female citizen in Khaitan, said security sources noting that though the suspect had his face covered on the store’s security cameras, detectives were able to identify the man. The suspect has denied the allegation. In another incident, a citizen recently reported to police that his 2013 model vehicle was missing though it was parked outside the house in Abu Halifa. It was locked and he had the keys. The incident took place when he left the house for prayer. A case was filed.

– Crimes translated from Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa newspapers.

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