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Kuwait Ramadan Bowling Open concludes

KUWAIT: Ramadan Bowling Open Championship concluded in Kuwait recently after witnessing a large turnout. Chairman of Kuwait Bowling Club Sheikh Talal Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah said the club’s board of directors is keen on creating a competitive atmosphere among players in order to maintain their technical level by holding local championships as an alternative to training camps abroad due to the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheikh Talal lauded the strong competition during the Ramadan Open Championship and the large turnout of players of both genders, which contributed to sharing experiences and elevating the technical and physical levels of the athletes. The Bowling Club organized the month-long Ramadan Open Championship as part of local events that aim at maintaining the spirit of competition among athletes. The players were divided into A and B groups. The A group winner was Hassan Qassem, followed by Mohammad Khalid Habeeb and Yaqoub Al-Shatti. The B group was won by Fahad Al-Ali, Brian Fernandez and Nawaf Al-Hassan.


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