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Kuwait ranks seventh worldwide in the prevalence of diabetes

Annual Diabetes Awareness Day sponsored by KIPCO, URC

KUWAIT: (From left) Dr Abdulnabi Al-Attar, Abeer Al-Omar and Hamad S Al-Mulaifi attend a press conference to announce the Annual Diabetes Awareness Day

KUWAIT: Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) (KIPCO), in collaboration with United Real Estate Company (URC), one of Kuwait’s leading real estate development companies, joined hands with the Diabetes Unit, Amiri Hospital to raise nationwide awareness on diabetes and shine the spotlight on effective prevention methods. Addressing one of Kuwait’s fastest growing epidemics, the partners announced, during a press conference, that they will work collectively through this national movement to provide thorough information on diabetes and highlight preventive measures.

Hosted by URC at Marina Crescent for greater reach, the 7th Annual Diabetes Awareness Day will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018, from 10:00 am onwards, featuring a series of twenty three booths with different provisions related to diabetes. The 2018 theme, which focuses on the cure by adopting a balanced diet and regular exercise, will include free health checks on blood pressure, eyes and foot examinations, effective tips and advice by healthcare professionals, as well as types of activities to follow through the effective utilization of diet centers, sport equipment’s and available gymnasiums.
Owing to the epidemic’s prevalence in Kuwait, this year will see the largest collaborative efforts ever organized locally, including the active participation of two governmental establishments, namely the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) and the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS). Additionally, hospital nurses, various educators on the topic, medical students and dieticians will be present to detail preventive measures and share an overview on proper lifestyle management.

Group Corporate Social Responsibility Director at KIPCO, Abeer Al-Omar addressed the growing concern on diabetes and what KIPCO is doing to help: “As one of the leading holding companies in Kuwait and the MENA region, KIPCO believes in securing a safe and better future for its citizens by integrating sustainable initiatives in the society. Promoting health is a vital area for KIPCO and raising the awareness on diabetes remains essential for future generations to have a healthier tomorrow. Sponsorship of this initiative falls in line with our CSR strategy that encompasses three main societal focus areas:
Education, Advancement of Kuwaiti youth and Health. We are pleased to combine our efforts and support the Amiri Hospital and Diabetes Unit on making the Diabetes Awareness Day gain its prominence/wide reach.”

Right solutions
Hamad S Al-Mulaifi, Director of Sales and Marketing at URC commented: “As the event venue sponsor, we are pleased to partner with KIPCO and the Diabetes Unit in Amiri Hospital to tackle diabetes, one the most pressing health challenges in Kuwait at this time. We believe in the shared responsibility to empower Kuwait’s people with the right solutions and resources to exist free of illness and strengthen individual capacity to lead normal, successful lives. With a 40-year history in Kuwait and successful track record in fostering healthy communities, URC is a natural partner in an initiative such as this.”
Dr Abdulnabi Al-Attar Consultant of Internal Medicine and Diabetes, Head of Diabetes Unit at Amiri Hospital: “Considered a serious, lifelong condition that demands exceptional care, it has reached an alarming rate in our country with over 23 percent of Kuwaitis now suffering from the chronic disease. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states are on the list of the top 10 countries with the highest prevalence of the disease with Kuwait ranking 7th in 2017, out of which one in five people are reported to have Diabetes.”

“We are here to say that there are ways to protect yourself, which involves basic improvisations in one’s daily lifestyle. Through the incorporation of physical activities and healthier meals, diabetes and its common comorbidities can be prevented. I urge citizens and residents to visit the awareness campaign to conduct the tests for glucose, blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol, carry out a retina exam among others and more importantly, benefit from the advice of the doctors and nutrition specialists to transform your life. I would like to also thank KIPCO, URC and other likeminded entities for their support, which I am certain of will provide a fresh impetus to raising renewed awareness and expedite the journey towards healing.”

“Diabetes necessitates further medical attention also due to the resulting implications faced by the patients in Kuwait such as cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases, blindness, and even amputation. Kuwait’s health care system is renowned for its highest standards and international best practices in managing and curing diseases such as Diabetes. One can be confident in the methodologies we implement. We urgently implore families to nurture a healthier upbringing through adoption of sports, better food habits, and proper medical care when needed”, added Dr Abdulnabi Al-Attar.

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