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Kuwait researcher writes new book on religious maxims

KUWAIT: The tolerant Islamic Sharia’ or law is closely related to people’s lives, behavior and daily dealings, and has much influence over words and deeds. Thence, inherited popular proverbs are the outgrowth of this influence. In this context, Kuwaiti researcher Talal Al-Rumaidhi has recently issued a new book on “religious proverbs in Kuwaiti tradition”, containing a lot of valuable traditional sayings bearing on various religious subjects. Speaking to the press, Rumaidhi said he had compiled popular religious expressions used in ancient Kuwaiti heritage and divided them into separate chapters according to topics.

The books abound with proverbs that are pertinent to prayers, Hajj (pilgrimage), religious leaders and religious sites, he elaborated. The 258-page research contains 258 expressions divided into many chapters by topic, including sources and a simplified explanation of relevant occasions, he said, adding that the compiled sayings are characterized by accuracy, obvious meaning and simple, albeit funny, words. Talal Al-Rumaidhi, the former chairman of the Kuwait Writers’ Association, has written a collection of historical and literary books. He acquired the State Incentive Award for the best history book in 2010. – KUNA

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