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Kuwait Special Olympics organize training course

KUWAIT: The course of studies to prepare specialists in games and contests management system of Special Olympics was concluded at Abdullah Al-Salem Leaders center. The course was organized by Kuwait Special Olympics in cooperation with the regional headquarters of Special Olympics MENA. There were 20 participants.

International lecturer at the Special Olympics on the Games Management System (GMS) and sports Olympics Mustafa Hassouna lectured during the course. Participants were trained on data-base program of managing and recording games and events data along with results and reports of all sports events of the Special Olympics.

The program divides athletes according the elements of Special Olympics (gender, age, athletic ability), as well as the application of various sports laws. Chairwoman of Kuwait Special Olympics Hanaa Al-Zawawi said they were keen to improve the Special Olympics system. She hoped that participants will contribute to the Special Olympics abilities to organize the largest number of Championships in all games, which will positively reflect on the level of events, and improvement of players performance.


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