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Kuwait succeeds in harvesting Jojoba plant

Jojoba plant
Jojoba plant

KUWAIT: Director of Agricultural Guidance at the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resourses (PAAAFR) Eng Ghanim Al-Sanad said yesterday that PAAAFR has succeeded in its attempt to harvest the Jojoba plant in Kuwait.

Sanad said in a statement that this success was a result of annual strategic planning, researching, and experimenting with different plants to see how they will thrive in Kuwait’s hot dry climate.

The Jojoba is a desert plant that grows from 60 centimeters to four meters tall and bears seeds rich with oil. The Jojoba plant can thrive in a hot and cold climate, on little water, and does not succumb to pests and diseases.

The plant’s remains are used as fodder, which is hay or straw, used to fatten livestock since the Jojoba plant is 40 to 60 percent oil. Sanad also said that the Jojoba plant can be used in cosmetic products, treat animal wounds, fertilize soil, and serve as cheap bio fuel, which helps lubricate the friction in machinery and prevents rusting. — KUNA

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