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Kuwait Times and Kuwait News: Moving together with the times

By Shakir Reshamwala

Kuwait Times and Kuwait News have forged an inseparable bond since coming together at the beginning of the year. With a shared vision to provide the latest news and analyses truthfully and accurately, Kuwait News and Kuwait Times have become leaders in their respective fields. Kuwait Times’ English-language print and digital services have melded seamlessly with Kuwait News’ Arabic-language digital-only outlook, creating a combination that operates perfectly in sync with each other.

Founded in 1961, Kuwait Times is celebrating its 61st anniversary this year. Founded in 2006, Kuwait News turned 16 in 2022. Bringing together the synergies of both these pioneering media companies has helped Kuwait Times and Kuwait News expand readership and interactions, despite the lingering repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and the global financial downturn.

Kuwait News and Kuwait Times have collaborated to publish hard-hitting stories on social and political events that earlier barely got a passing mention. We go behind news reports and administrative decisions to reveal how they affect the lives of citizens and residents of Kuwait. We have also worked together on a lot of other fronts throughout the year, holding workshops, training sessions and community outreach programs.

We have welcomed into our shared offices – newly remodeled into a modern and welcoming newsroom with the latest equipment and state-of-the-art studio – scores of senior officials, diplomats and interns, who observed firsthand the workings of a media entity in this age of alternate facts and fake news.

Our summer internship program was very competitive, giving selectees deep insight and valuable experience as they embark on their careers, while trainees of other organizations also benefitted from tours of our joint newsroom. Our Ramadan quiz, which was entirely online this year, was a roaring success, witnessing thousands of daily entries.


To sum up, the past year has been a period of exploring new ideas, widening our digital offerings, focusing on our core print edition and broadening our reader base. It is said all new marriages have a brief honeymoon period, but for Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, the relationship is just the start of a long and fruitful journey.

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