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Kuwait Times bids farewell to Managing Editor Jamie Etheridge

Kuwait Times management and staff pose for a group photo with outgoing Managing Editor Jamie Etheridge. – Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat

Kuwait Times gave a rousing farewell to outgoing Managing Editor Jamie Etheridge in the newsroom of the paper, attended by the management and editorial team. Speaking at the sendoff, Kuwait Times Editor-in-Chief Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alyan explained how Etheridge steered the newspaper through difficult times during the pandemic and gave it a clear direction, showing the path forward.

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Abdullah Boftain expressed gratitude to Etheridge for helping Kuwait Times in its transition to the digital world, saying her “exemplary guidance helped us in our digital transformation”. Kuwait Times staff thanked Etheridge and wished her all the best for the future.

“Thank you all for the lovely sendoff. I wish you all the best and a bountiful future,” Etheridge said in an emotional vote of thanks. She reminded her colleagues that the journey into the digital world will be tough and fraught with challenges. “No doubt, you all are creative people. Try to find your own niche in the new emerging world,” she said.

Etheridge is heading back to the US, but not before leaving an indelible imprint on the paper. During her two stints in Kuwait Times, Etheridge contributed to the growth of the paper, particularly in the digital space. When the entire country was locked down during the coronavirus pandemic, Kuwait Times made sure that readers got accurate information through our website and social media channels. Etheridge also played a key role in training the newspaper’s staff and ensuring Kuwait Times is at the forefront of providing quality journalism and verified news.

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