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Kuwait TV presenters told to wear national, Islamic attire

Cigarette prices to rise?

KUWAIT: Kuwait TV has urged all male TV presenters to wear dishdashas when appearing onscreen and female presenters to wear decent clothing. A directive circulated to various TV departments said program presenters and guests will have to wear national attire and female presenters will have to observe Islamic values and Kuwaiti traditions in everything onscreen, including their clothes, which have to be decent.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports circulating on various social media yesterday said prices of some cigarette brands will increase effective Sunday, Feb 11, 2018. According to the reports, the price increase will vary between 130 to 300 fils.

Separately, Denmark has been ranked the first worldwide in terms of the best country to raise children, said the US News & World Report 2018, noting that the study evaluated 80 countries (including some Arab countries but excluding Kuwait) by ranking them according to 65 attributes. Among these were economic influence, power, citizenship and quality of life, which collectively helped determine each country’s success as a modern nation.

By A Saleh

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