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Kuwait, US discuss culture, arts cooperation

KUWAIT: Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters Kamel Suleiman Al-Abduljaleel meets with US Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski.

KUWAIT: The Secretary General of the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters Kamel Suleiman Al-Abduljaleel welcomed to his office the Ambassador of the United States of America to the State of Kuwait Alina Romanowski yesterday morning. The two parties discussed aspects and ways of sustainable cultural and artistic cooperation.

Abduljaleel described the meeting as fruitful and constructive, as several proposals and ideas were discussed to be formulated into programs and implemented in the future through the proper official channels. Among these topics was the interest in the film industry and benefiting from the experiences and long history of the United States, and its long-standing institutions in this important and influential field.

In this regard, discussion talked ways to create opportunities for national companies to strengthen their expertise and development in the field of film directing and its branches such as sound, montage, and others, in addition to seizing the opportunity for virtual cooperation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in the fields of film production, directing, and gaining experience in its wide fields.

In regards to artistic cooperation between the State of Kuwait and the United States, Abduljaleel affirmed that his meeting with Ambassador Romanowski also included the possibility of hosting concerts for musical bands known for their valuable contributions in this field, in addition to boosting bilateral cooperation in the field of fine arts, such as painting, sculpting, and others, by attracting artists from different art schools, especially contemporary ones.

This is in order to keep up to date with the Kuwaiti Fine Arts scene that was created decades ago, thanks to the efforts of the founding artists and those who have come after them, as well as the efforts of the Academy of Arts and Media at the Public Authority for Youth.

In the meantime, Abduljaleel affirmed Ambassador Romanowski’s appreciation of the legislative progress and the constructive cooperation between the National Assembly and the government, which resulted in issuing the copyright and related rights’ law. Abduljaleel said that this achievement is a step forward “consistent with the cultural reputation of the State of Kuwait,” adding that it provides a legal framework that protects creativity and creators in the field of culture, arts and literature.

Towards the end of the visit, Abduljaleel showed Ambassador Romanowski examples of the periodical and special publications that NCCAL sponsored. Assistant Secretary General for the Culture and Arts Sectors in NCCAL Dr Essa Al-Ansari attended the meeting.

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