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Kuwaiti author launches ‘Ounces of Oneness’ – Five minutes with poet Nejoud Al Yagout

Nejoud Al-Yagout signs a copy of her book.
Nejoud Al-Yagout signs a copy of her book.

Local author and poet Nejoud Al-Yagout launched her latest collection of poetry Ounces of Oneness at Al Shaheed Park on Wednesday. “This event is a poetry reading utilizing technology for visual purposes. We screened four poetry videos. I collaborate with directors constantly, and they bring the poetry to life. It is also a book launch for the second edition of my first book This is an Imprint as well,” Nejoud Al-Yagout told Kuwait Times.

Ounces of Oneness is about a spiritual journey, a mystical journey, uniting people from all races and religions and looking beyond the surface. People are not very tolerant of one another, so I invite the reader to break the barriers and remind ourselves that we are one. We share the same essence. And from here arose the title of my book, in order to become aware of the oneness in everything and everyone,” she explained.

KT: What inspired you to write the books?
Well I had no choice. When I was circa 13 years old, I just had to write, although I never dreamed of becoming a poet. It wasn’t even remotely a goal. First, I began writing songs and then it evolved to poetry somehow; and since then I haven’t been able to stop!

KT: What are you preparing next?
Al-Yagout: Right now I’m focusing on poetry videos more. And maybe another book will come out soon, but I don’t know if and when, as I have no plans now.

Al-Yagout’s videos are on her Youtube channel and website.

She also released her second book Awake in the Game of Pretending. Her books are available on Amazon, FriesenPress, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and most online retailers. Locally, you can find her books at Dar Nur, Q8 Bookstore (Dar Yarmouk), Jarir Bookstore and CAP Gallery. She is also on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Goodreads.

By Nawara Fattahova

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