Kuwaiti citizen jailed for forging Saudi school certificates

KUWAIT: The criminal court sentenced a citizen to four years in jail but refrained from announcing its verdict on 16 others in a case in which they were all accused of forging Saudi school certificates and submitting them to Kuwait’s education ministry for accreditation. The education ministry had asked the Saudi Embassy about several certificates claimed to be issued by there, but contained false information. It sent the embassy a list containing names of the suspects involved.

Not responsible
The criminal court released an Egyptian man and lifted a travel ban order issued against him in a case in which he was accused of insulting His Highness the Amir, the Kuwaiti judiciary and members of the Kuwaiti society. The court based its verdict on a medical report which confirmed that he was not responsible for his actions. A Kuwait University committee had decided the suspect was not responsible for his actions, despite the fact that a health ministry report issued earlier said that he was.

The public prosecution decided to jail a man for 21 days for insulting the attorney general in statements posted on his Twitter account. The court made its verdict after it received a statement from the Interior Ministry department tasked with fighting cybercrimes.

Physical assault
A bedoon (stateless) woman was taken to a hospital in critical condition after being beaten by unidentified persons in Riqqa. Police are waiting for her condition to improve to question her. Meanwhle, a citizen sustained a stab wound in his arm during a fight with another citizen, who fled the scene. The injured man was taken to hospital by paramedics for treatment. Police are looking for the suspect. Separately, an Indian deliveryman accused two persons in an SUV of beating him in Fahd Al-Ahmad and robbing his money and documents. Investigations are underway. – Al-Rai

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