Kuwaiti citizen killed in robbery at Saudi desert

KUWAIT: An Egyptian chef was recently arrested in Saudi Arabia for murdering and robbing a Kuwaiti citizen who had gone camping at the Debdebah desert in Saudi Arabia, said security sources. The sources explained that the citizen had gone ahead of his friends, selected the camp’s site, pitched the tents, hired the chef in order to serve the group during the camping period and sent the location to his friends. The sources added that taking advantage of being alone with the man in the middle of nowhere, the chef hit the citizen with a metal object, killing him, and stole away his money and vehicle. Arriving to the camp, the citizen’s nephew found his uncle dead and reported the case to Saudi authorities, who managed to arrest the culprit.


A citizen working for the Ministry of Utilities was recently arrested for embezzling a fortune by collecting ministry fees in cash and not depositing them to the ministry’s treasury, said security sources. They noted that the suspect usually targeted big companies, adding that a person grew suspicious of his demand to do the payments in cash, and reported the matter, which led to the suspect’s arrest.

Fatal crash

Two citizens were recently killed after they lost control over their vehicle and it collided into a truck along Nuwaiseeb highway, according to investigations. Separately, three citizens sustained various injuries when two vehicles collided together along Damascus street, said security sources.

Search for harassers

A female citizen reported that someone was following her around a Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh shopping mall, and then followed her to her vehicle and forced her to take his mobile phone’s number, said security sources, noting that a case was filed and the suspect is being summoned. Separately, a female citizen in her thirties reported that someone had been harassing her by calls through which he kept flirting with her, said security sources, noting that the girl provided the police with the caller’s number. Further investigations are in progress.

Cross-dresser caught

A male citizen dressed as a woman and wearing a wig was recently arrested in Salmiya, said security sources.

Home robbery

A GCC national reported that unidentified robbers stole contents of his Jahra apartment, including a safe containing KD 25,000 in cash, said security sources. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. In other news, a citizen reported that unidentified robbers had stolen the contents of his Abdali camp, said security sources. Meanwhile, a Filipino man reported that his mobile phone was stolen at a barber shop in Jabriya while he was having a hear cut, said security sources.

Fugitives detained

A Saudi suspect managed to escape after he was briefly left alone while being transported from Sulaibiya police station to the attorney general’s office. He was later ambushed outside a relative’s house in Jahra and placed under arrest, security sources said. In a separate case, a citizen wanted for a KD 14,000 financial claim was recently arrested at a checkpoint in Sulaibikhat. – Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press

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