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Kuwaiti Embassy issues instructions to citizens visiting Iraq

BAGHDAD: Kuwait Embassy in Baghdad issued on Sunday a number of instructions to Kuwaiti citizens wishing to visit religious shrines in Iraq during the Arabic month of Muharram. The embassy guided Kuwaiti visitors to comply with local laws and regulations and not to use unsecured roads due to the security situation of recent events facing by many governorates. It also advised Kuwaiti citizens not to travel by road from Iraq to Kuwait and vice versa and not to stop at resting stations, except when necessary.

The statement stressed the need to ensure that each visitor to carry an ID card bearing the phone number of the campaign and the hotels’ name, while also adhering to health standards in handling food and beverages, and to avoid other provinces only after informing the owner of the campaign and getting his approval. It also demanded that Kuwaitis abide by the time set for residence granted to visitors, which is one month and any infringing will entail visitors to pay a fine. The embassy urged all Kuwaiti visitors not to hesitate to contact the embassy at any time and under any circumstances, as the embassy members will be ready to respond to their calls and provide assistance through the following numbers: +9647831111333 – +9647831111222 – +9647830000444, Landline: +964017764545. – KUNA

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