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Kuwaiti man granted political asylum in Canada

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti man was recently granted political asylum in Canada, said Kuwait Liberal Association member Anwar Al-Rasheed, stressing that he has been in contact with the young man sentenced to jail in Kuwait because of some posts he made on Twitter. Rasheed explained that the young man left Kuwait for Canada before the sentence was passed and remained there for a while before applying for political asylum and explaining his motives. “The application was approved and he is now a refugee in Canada,” Rasheed explained. Notably, there is a group of Kuwaiti bloggers in London who have been sentenced to prison because of tweets deemed abusive to certain figures or sister countries and incriminated by law.

Expats’ degrees

Commenting on the situation of expats who came to Kuwait to work with degrees from accredited universities and how to accredit them in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Manpower stressed that this issue out of its jurisdiction and that it is the responsibility of the ministries of foreign affairs and higher education to oversee this topic.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission stressed that employees contracted over the past three years all matched the regulations of decree number 17/2017, which prioritizes employing Kuwaitis, then children of Kuwaiti women and then Arab non-Kuwaitis in jobs with not enough Kuwaiti candidates such as doctors, health services and education, or in jobs Kuwaitis refuse to take such as services and crafts (drivers, office boys, undertakers or gravediggers).

Pharmaceutical treatments

Ministry of Health’s assistant undersecretary for food and medicine control Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah issued a resolution organizing the registration and handling of pharmaceutical treatments. Bader explained that previous regulations had not been updated in 40 years and that the new decision came to comply with ministerial instructions to remain updated and cope with the latest developments in international control systems related to importing medicine, registering and handling it.

Teachers’ timetables

Minister of Education Dr Saud Al-Harbi stressed his keenness on developing education, achieving stability and justice in teachers’ timetables in various schools. Harbi added that he urged the public education sector to reconsider teachers’ timetables and the classes they teach per week in a way that achieves justice and equality, adding that he will personally follow up this issue.

By A Saleh

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