Kuwaiti man shot during family dispute in Jahra

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

KUWAIT: A man was rushed to Jahra hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound during a family conflict in the Qasr district of Jahra, police said yesterday. The Kuwaiti citizen told officers that his brother-in-law shot him during a dispute at home in the area, and the suspect later turned himself in to Naeem police. He was charged with attempted murder and possession of a fire arm.

Drug smuggling

In other news, police aborted a bid to smuggle 18 kilograms of narcotics via sea, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement. Drugs Control General Department personnel detained a person after attempting to smuggle 15 kilograms of hashish and three kilograms of ‘shabu (methamphetamine). The successful operation to thwart the trafficking bid was coordinated between the Drugs Control General Department and the Directorate General of the Coast Guard, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. The detainee, during interrogations, confessed that he had planned to smuggle the drugs into Kuwait via sea and revealed where the narcotics had been dumped into the waters. He further indicated that he was a member of a network. According to the botched plan, he was supposed to retrieve the drugs after receiving coordinates from his accomplices. Police seized two unlicensed pistols in possession of the detainee, who was referred, along with the seized materials, to the concerned legal authorities.

Under the influence

Meanwhile, police responded to an emergency call reporting a person suspected of being under the influence of drugs inside a vehicle in Sabah Al-Ahmad. When police attempted to pull him over, he hit the patrol vehicle in an attempt to escape. He was chased until he hit a checkpoint barrier, forcing him to stop, and was eventually arrested after attempting to run away on foot. The man and another person who was in the car were arrested and sent to concerned authorities for questioning over a large amount of pills suspected of being drugs found in their vehicle.

Reckless driving

Police also arrested a driver who appeared in a video that circulated on social media recently, showing him driving recklessly and jumping the red light. The man failed to produce a driver’s license at the time of arrest. Separately, Ahmadi police arrested a driver who hit a patrol vehicle before hitting two other vehicles in an attempt to escape. Police searched his car and found three air guns and suspected drugs inside. He was sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Registrations renewal

The Interior Ministry said that the vehicles’ registrations department will start their gradual partial work today from 8 am to 4 pm in all governorates. Department offices will start welcoming car owners wishing to renew registrations of their vehicles that expired on March 3 and onwards. The renewal can be done without technical inspection provided that insurance papers are in order, it explained. Those who choose not to renew their registrations at this time will not be fined, it warned. It further reminded motorists to comply with health procedures.

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