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Kuwaiti researcher sheds light on Palestinian cause

By Majd Othman

KUWAIT: As global campaigns are attempting to impose normalization of ties with the Zionist entity that is occupying Palestine and killing and displacing millions Palestinians over years, Kuwaiti researcher on the Palestinian cause Abdullah Al-Mosawi has been working on boosting awareness for the Palestinian cause through media platforms. Mosawi is a researcher and political analyst specialized on the establishment of the Zionist entity, international law and the Palestinian cause. Kuwait Times talked to him to learn more about his work.

Kuwait Times: Can you tell us about the reasons for your interest in the Palestinian cause?

Abdullah Al-Mosawi: I have been interested in the Palestinian cause since I joined college in 1997. Attention towards the Palestinian cause is waning locally, while it was a central and humanitarian cause before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. I delved deeper into this topic, which pushed me to have an interest in all its aspects.

KT: Can you tell us about the research that you have published regarding the Palestinian cause?

Mosawi: I have 43 research papers published in local and international newspapers and discussed in several international conferences on various aspects of the Palestine cause, whether in the emergence of the Zionist entity, Palestinian refugees, international law, humanitarian issues related to Palestine, the situation of the Gaza Strip, the right of Palestinian resistance and normalization issues. I have also published 450 articles and seven books such as “Palestine is our Central Cause,” “Kuwaiti Against Normalization”, “Zionists”, “Terror Establishes a State” and “A Brief History of Palestine”.

KT: How does social media help you to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause?

Mosawi: Because of the importance of social media nowadays, and especially since the current generation has no time for lengthy and detailed speeches, I started to present a series of videos on Instagram under the title ‘Palestinian Minute’ four years ago during the month of Ramadan. Each episode covers an aspect of the Palestinian cause in less than one minute. The goal of this program is to provide focused information to the public, especially the youth, about Palestine and the justice of its cause.

The reach through social media is far better than traditional media. When I present “Palestinian Minute”, it spreads to countries around the world in no time, and interaction is greater. On the other hand, let’s accept the American-backed Zionist media has huge ability. However, we believe in the justice of the Palestinian cause – injustice was done to the Palestinian people, and international law is partial. Therefore, these pillars must be highlighted on social media, and it is important to present them in an attractive manner to the audience.

KT: What are the most dangerous types of normalizations with the Zionist entity from your point of view?

Mosawi: Recently, there are increasing attempts locally to market normalization with the Zionist entity, and I am afraid of normalization that is being marketed from a religious standpoint and wrapped in a religious cover. There is marketing for academics, sports and scientific normalizations and many other reasons for normalization. However, despite the Kuwaiti community rejecting all forms of normalization and most people being religiously committed and conservative, we must fight this kind of normalization. I hope people will not be deceived by the religious cover of normalization.

KT: As an educational researcher, what is your role in educating the new generation about the importance of the Palestinian cause?

Mosawi: I have many participations, whether in schools or youth centers of both sexes, and I am surprised that there is severe ignorance among the new generation towards the Palestinian cause, especially about historical rights. I have a book project that will address young people in their own way to comprehend and understand the justice of the Palestinian cause. It is our duty as media professionals and educators to clarify the facts in an attractive manner for our generations, which is our minimum duty.

KT: Do you think Kuwait should locally develop laws and legislation that support the Palestinian cause?

Mosawi: Kuwait is distinct from most regional countries in supporting the Palestinian cause, whether at the level of the political leadership or the popular level. I always tell political forces when we meet that we differ on all matters, but when it comes to the Palestinian cause, we find there is Kuwaiti agreement and consensus. In Kuwait, a group of members of the National Assembly presented a law that criminalizes all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity to the legislative committee, and I call through Kuwait Times for the next National Assembly to adopt this law.

KT: What is your next step regarding the Palestinian cause?

Mosawi: I am currently tackling the issue of normalization in all its details. My next step will be focusing on it and clarifying the reasons why we should reject all kinds of normalization with the Zionist entity, as well as the danger of normalization to the Palestinian cause. Because when normalization takes place, the Palestinian cause will end, which means giving up most of the historical and legal rights and grievances of the Palestinian people and opening a new page for a monstrous entity that has no origin.


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