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Kuwaiti society signs with UNHCR to aid refugees in Yemen, Iraq

Kuwait Relief Society trucks ready to distribute aid in northern Syria.

KUWAIT: Kuwait’s endeavor to aid all societies experiencing tough situations through financial and other means of support to alleviate them from further suffering is duly noted on a weekly bases. Local organization like the Kuwait Relief Society (KRC) and Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) are amongst the most active in this field of humanitarian works as they take action in aiding a number of refugee groups in the region and respond to the natural catastrophe that hit Albania in recent months.

The KRC took a major step in their continuous efforts by donating $1.33 million for refugees in Yemen and Iraq through a first of its kind agreement with the UNCHR. Head of the KRC Jamal Al-Nouri gave a statement at His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s UN building saying the donation aims to provide financial assistance to 5,235 families. The agreement will financially supports 763 families in Iraq and 4,472 in Yemen, which will provide for 35,000 individuals, said Nouri.

KRC also sent an urgent aid convoy to the recent settled refugees in northern Syria containing 27 trucks loaded with winter equipment and food supplies (canned food, flour, and water), which took off from Turkey’s southern province Hatay. The convoy was managed by Atta Society office in Turkey and head of KRC office in Syria Waleed Al-Swaylem along with others, in helping transport and distribute the supplies in Syria, as part of an agreement to build a school that will provide education for 480 students of the refugees in the area.

A two-day fundraising campaign was organized through joint efforts of the KRC and the KRCS to collect donations for the Syrian refugees in neighboring countries who are suffering from winter’s harsh season. The donation drive is incumbent upon the venerable Kuwaiti charity given the misery Syrians have had to withstand in recent years, KRCS Secretary General Maha Al-Barjaes said, pointing out that more than 2,000 Syrian refugees will be the beneficiaries of this humanitarian initiative.

Following an earthquake that struck Albania last November, “the State of Kuwait is fully prepared and committed to providing additional aid to the Albanian government,” Kuwait’s Ambassador to Belgium, EU, and NATO Jassem Al-Budaiwi told the International Donors’ Conference on Albania, which took place in Brussels. Kuwait is prepared to sign an additional loan for the ‘Vlora River’ rehabilitation project affected by the earthquake, which initially was $40.8 million, to an additional $22.3 million, he added.

“Kuwait puts into consideration these measures in order to assist friendly countries in their time of need and help guide them towards a new level of stability both through urban and human development,” he said, as Kuwait increases its annual contribution to the UN Central Emergency Response Fund from $300,000 to $500,000. – KUNA

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