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Kuwaiti and sons rescued in desert

KUWAIT: Saudi civil defense forces recently managed to locate and rescue the Kuwaiti citizen, Mohammed Bin Nasser Al-Ajmi and his two sons (9 and 5 years old ), who had been lost in the desert for two days during a trip from Riyadh to Kuwait. Al-Ajmi explained that he got lost as he was trying a new short cut on a desert road. He added that as soon as he got off the paved road, he reached an area filled with sand dunes and his vehicle’s four wheel drive system broke down because of the harsh terrain. He then had to walk back for two kilometers. A camel herder had passed him and provided them with food and water shortly before the rescue team arrived.

Kindergarten licenses
MSAL assistant undersecretary for special development, Hassan Kathem stressed that shifting the responsibility for kindergartens to MOE was still pending a response from the Fatwa and legislation department. He stressed that Kindergartens were still supervised by MSAL until further notice. Kathem added that MSAL would continue issuing kindergarten licenses according to the conditions and regulations set by the ministry’s women and childhood department.

Real estate mafia
The Iraqi Investment Authority recently called for putting an end to what it described as the phenomena taking over Kuwait and GCC nationals’ property in Basra by a ‘real estate mafia’. A TV report on this subject showed that Basra Investment Authority feared this mafia would take over those properties and that this would have a negative impact on general investments in the governorate.

Land allocation
Ahmadi committee at the municipal council is due to discuss a request made by the private universities secretariat general to allocate separate pieces of land for the Canadian University in Abu Halifa and another to build a petrochemical industries zone in a meeting to be held next Thursday and headed by member Adel Allumai’.

KOC criticized
Responding to what he described as rumors about abuse of powers to dismiss some employees from the local marketing department, KOC’s CEO, Mohammed Al-Muttairi strongly refuted them and stressed that the company was always keen on protecting its employees’ rights. Al-Muttairi also denied appointing any expats in the said department as KOC was keen on hiring citizens and filling all vacant positions with Kuwaitis.


By A Saleh

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