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Kuwaiti warplane enters Iraqi airspace: Safwan authorities

KUWAIT: Iraqi authorities said a Kuwaiti military plane entered Iraqi airspace over Safwan in Basra governorate and broke the sound barrier, terrifying residents of the area. Safwan authorities asked the Kuwaiti government to ‘make an apology’ to residents of the area for causing them a scare. Kuwait is currently hosting a military exercise along with American and GCC forces, but it was not clear whether the incident took place as part of the drill or not. Kuwaiti authorities could not immediately be reached for a comment on the subject.

In other news, Iraqi Cabinet Secretary General Mahdi Al-Allaq discussed with Kuwait’s Ambassador to Iraq Salem Al-Zamanan the process of rebuilding areas liberated from the Islamic State (IS). A statement said that the Kuwaiti ambassador handed the secretary general a list of mobile schools in displaced camps, and list of schools financed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development in several Iraqi areas.

By A Saleh

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