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Kuwaiti woman wins Int’l Muslim of the Year Award

KUWAIT: The British Ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport presents the award to Dr Bashayer Al-Majed.

KUWAIT: Dr Bashayer Yousef Abdulaziz Al-Majed received the International Muslim of the Year Award 2020 at the annual British Muslim Awards. The award includes different fields, including economics, law, medicine, and politics, the latter of which was won in 2017 by Siddiq Khan, Mayor of London.

Dr Majed’s award came as a result of her cultural and social contributions in the United Kingdom. This included her position on several international forums in the service of Islam and Muslim issues, as well as her attendance and delivery of lectures at several conferences, following her graduation with a PhD from a British University. This made her an honorable model for young Muslims in Britain, and as the first Arab woman to win this award and title, she is a strong role model for women in the Arab World also.

In her acceptance speech, she stated: “I was very lucky to be invited to speak in many prestigious academic conferences to encourage young Muslims and young women, and to show them that young Muslim women can achieve a lot. I am passionate about what I am doing through academia and through the government. I want to challenge the global perceptions … (of) Muslim countries.”

She concluded her speech with the hadith of the Messenger (PBUH), “the believer for the believer is like an edifice,” which was well received by the audience at the British Muslim awards. Dr Majed has said that she will strive to continue her support, encouraging the achievements of Muslim youth and empowering young women to see and reach their potential. The British Ambassador in Kuwait Michael Davenport received Dr Majed and offered her his congratulations for her award.


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