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Kuwaitis’ 60 years efforts in OPEC prominent: official

Haitham Al-Ghais

KUWAIT: Kuwaiti employees at OPEC played a big role in developing the organization’s work for 60 years, said Kuwait’s Governor at OPEC Haitham Al-Ghais yesterday. Kuwait is one of the founding countries of OPEC in 1960, Ghais said in a press statement on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of establishment. He noted that the organization is run by the Governors Council and the economic council, hailing the efforts of all Kuwaitis who worked in these positions. The hard work of Kuwaiti employees represents the great reputation of Kuwait in the oil field, said Ghais.

OPEC Secretary-General Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, marking the organization’s 60th anniversary, had highlighted the vital role of the organization in maintaining the stability of the global oil market. In a message to the press, Barkindo said the organization stood the test of time over the past six decades and continued contributing to the world’s economic development. OPEC was founded on September 14, 1960, in Baghdad in the presence of the oil ministers of the five co-founders, namely, Ahmad Sayed Omar (Kuwait), Dr Fuad Rouhani (Iran), Talaat Al-Shibani (Iraq), Abdullah Tariki (Saudi Arabia) and Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo (Venezuela).

The OPEC chief recalled the late Venezuelan minister’s statement at the founding ceremony that the founding countries got united “to make history.” The organization has become an integral part of the global energy community and plays an indispensable role in the policymaking of the oil industry, Barkindo stressed. It also backs up the humanitarian issues through contributions to the sustainable development, the combat against poverty, environment protection and ensuring energy for all, he pointed out. Barkindo renewed OPEC’s resolve to address all challenges and continue its commitment to striking a balance in the oil market so as to serve the interests of producers and consumers alike.

OPEC will also continue strengthening cooperation and dialogue with non-OPEC countries with a view to addressing the challenges lying ahead in the humanitarian issues and sustainable development, he vowed. Concluding, he thanked Austria, on behalf of the OPEC members, for hosting the Organization’s HQ in Vienna and facilitating all activities of the Organization for more than 55 years.

Early this month, OPEC decided to postpone sine die the celebrations of its Diamond Anniversary, originally scheduled to take place in the Al-Shaab Hall in Bab Al-Muaadham in Baghdad, due to outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).In a letter to Barkindo, Iraq’s Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismael said, “It is very unfortunate that we are unable to mark OPEC’s Diamond Anniversary in September at the same site where the historic Baghdad Conference took place.” He added, “The health and safety of all are of utmost importance.” – KUNA

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