Kuwaitis arrested for fraud


KUWAIT: Capital detectives arrested a 28-year-old citizen wanted for a KD 3,112 financial claim. Detectives also arrested a 26-year-old citizen wanted for a KD 9,000 financial claim. Capital detectives also arrested three citizens with hashish and meth. Another 20-year-old citizen, who had been wanted for a six-month prison verdict, was also arrested. In another development, Hawally detectives arrested a citizen with drugs, said security sources, noting that on checking on the suspect, he was found wanted for financial claims. Meanwhile, three citizens (two men and a woman) were arrested while under the influence. Security sources said that on searching their vehicles, detectives found 43 illicit pills and two bottles of liquor. A case was filed.

‘Wanted Asians’ nabbed
Ahmadi detectives arrested a Yemeni who had been wanted for a one-year prison sentence plus deportation. Also, a 55-year-old Kuwaiti wanted for a KD 25,000 financial claim and theft was also arrested in Ahmadi. Farwaniya detectives arrested a 54-year-old citizen wanted for a KD 3,900 financial claim, in addition to an Asian with 49 homebrewed liquor bottles.

Examining food products
The Municipality’s PR department stressed that rejected food products are usually examined at MoH labs, which in turn warn the GCC Early Warning Center if they are found to be hazardous. The department added samples of all imported food products are examined and the shipments are not passed unless the specimens tests are found fit for human consumption. Otherwise, the importer is given the choice of either destroying the shipment or re-exporting it.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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